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If you're feeling tense, try guzzling water. Even mild dehydration can take a toll on your mood.

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The Simple Principle My Dad Can Teach EVERYONE

In the wee hours of the morning, the sun still not out, and the smell of coffee flooding the kitchen, my dad could always be found in the same place every morning at 5 am…sitting at the kitchen table, fully dressed and ready to take on the day. As a young girl, if I happened to stumble out of bed before sunrise, I knew my dad was already well into his day. But it’s not so much that I remember what he was doing at that hour, but how he was doing it…with a huge grin on his face that spanned from ear to ear. You see, my dad was

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To Cheat or Not to Cheat…

I had a conversation recently with my husband about a question people ask me all the time! (I get asked a lot of questions, but this one by far is in the top 3). “Isabel, how do you stay so disciplined all the time? Don’t you just want to eat bad food every once in a while?” To be honest, the short answer is NO. I am not suggesting everyone be perfect all the time, but there is one VERY very important reason why most of the time, I will choose to eat something healthy over an unhealthy option and that is this… Feeling bad, awful, tired, or run down

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“…keep doing it because your blood sugar numbers look perfect.”

“Mrs. De Los Rios, whatever you’re doing, keep doing it because your blood sugar numbers look perfect.” No, the doctor wasn’t speaking to me. He was praising my mother for her recent blood work results at her 4 week follow-up. Follow up to what you ask? Almost exactly 8 years ago from today, my mom was at her 4 week check-in after receiving a kidney transplant after losing her kidney function as a result of her out of control Type 2 Diabetes. Let me rewind several years before that and give you a quick snap shot of what life looked like for my mother before this miracle… At the young

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How I’m saving $40 every month (and you should too)!

Guess what? You know how I buy everything on Vitacost and Amazon? Well I just found something even better because it will save me even more money (and you know I love saving money…maybe you do too?) So, the reason I used to use online stores is 2 fold… 1st, everything is far away from my house. It’s a 1 hour drive, minimum, to get any of the natural products I use and I just don’t have any extra time to spend in the car. 2nd, everything is much cheaper on these 2 websites than in the grocery stores. Even when there are sales, a lot of the dry bulk items I buy

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Working Out With a Busy Travel Schedule

Hi Beyond Diet family… Susan here! I am the National Sales Manager for Beyond Diet. As a result, I travel A LOT. Over the past year I have been traveling more than I thought I would (on average half the month). Whether I am going on work trips, fun trips, week long trips, weekend trips, or a combination of these I always plan to work out while I’m gone. I will typically allow myself one day where I don’t work out, but I want to use it wisely so it isn’t wasted. I usually don’t plan ahead on a day to take the break, and some trips I don’t take

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