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Working Out With a Busy Travel Schedule

Hi Beyond Diet family… Susan here! I am the National Sales Manager for Beyond Diet. As a result, I travel A LOT. Over the past year I have been traveling more than I thought I would (on average half the month). Whether I am going on work trips, fun trips, week long trips, weekend trips, or a combination of these I always plan to work out while I’m gone. I will typically allow myself one day where I don’t work out, but I want to use it wisely so it isn’t wasted. I usually don’t plan ahead on a day to take the break, and some trips I don’t take

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Help an Amazing Cause

I want you to meet my inspiring friend Michael Thompson… Michael’s struggle with his weight is very similar to mine, and maybe yours – he grew up eating processed foods, huge portions, and tons of soda which made him an overweight kid, and later, an overweight adult. It wasn’t until he was 25 and diagnosed with a rare kidney disorder called Bartter’s Syndrome; which causes dangerously low potassium levels that threaten muscle and heart function, and make him very dehydrated, that he realized how his weight was affecting his health. It was then that he used the same clean eating principles we use in Beyond Diet to lose 70 lbs

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Easter Dinner

There’s nothing that I love more than family gatherings. I love spending quality time with my closest family, I love getting dressed up, and I love making a meal that’s absolutely delicious while still being Beyond Diet friendly. Undoubtedly someone always leaves my house saying, “Wow, what a delicious meal, and it was all healthy!?!?” Here is what’s on the menu for this Sunday’s Easter dinner. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, this is a great menu to keep handy for any upcoming family and friends gatherings. Start off with a delicious appetizer of Deviled Eggs – and not just any deviled eggs – but deviled eggs made from eggs

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Find your people

Last year, my husband and I decided that we wanted to live life just a little bit slower. Even though we were living in the suburbs, every day just felt a little too fast paced for us. So what did we do? Something kind of extreme for some people. We sold our home and moved out to a very rural area of South Carolina. We are surrounded by farms and cotton fields, and the closest grocery store is almost 30 minutes away. This was not an easy decision, but we wanted to give “country living” a try. We knew life would no longer be convenient, but we were willing to

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The Danger with Grains

Do you know what grains do to your health and waistline? I know you might be thinking: Wait a minute, Isabel! I just FINALLY converted my family to the “whole grain” bread and the “whole grain” crackers and the “whole grain” pasta for Tuesday night spaghetti… and now you’re going to tell me ALL GRAINS are bad? Oh no… Well, not exactly, but here’s the deal. The supermarket aisles and daytime game-show commercials are now jam-packed with ads for “healthier,” “whole grain” options of commonly consumed foods. But don’t think that these manufacturers have suddenly decided that our health is more important than their profits! Let me explain why “whole

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