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To Cheat or Not to Cheat…

I had a conversation recently with my husband about a question people ask me all the time! (I get asked a lot of questions, but this one by far is in the top 3). “Isabel, how do you stay so disciplined all the time? Don’t you just want to eat bad food every once in a while?” To be honest, the short answer is NO. I am not suggesting everyone be perfect all the time, but there is one VERY very important reason why most of the time, I will choose to eat something healthy over an unhealthy option and that is this… Feeling bad, awful, tired, or run down

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The Danger with Grains

Do you know what grains do to your health and waistline? I know you might be thinking: Wait a minute, Isabel! I just FINALLY converted my family to the “whole grain” bread and the “whole grain” crackers and the “whole grain” pasta for Tuesday night spaghetti… and now you’re going to tell me ALL GRAINS are bad? Oh no… Well, not exactly, but here’s the deal. The supermarket aisles and daytime game-show commercials are now jam-packed with ads for “healthier,” “whole grain” options of commonly consumed foods. But don’t think that these manufacturers have suddenly decided that our health is more important than their profits! Let me explain why “whole

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Lose weight for someone ELSE (if you can’t lose it for YOU)

Some days when I’m looking through my Facebook feed or just doing my regular research on the Internet, I am faced with the burning question in my brain: With all of the diet programs available, why are so many people still struggling with their weight and their health? I’m not the first person to ask this question, and I sure won’t be the last, but upon asking this simple question to some family and friends, here are just a few responses I received: It’s too hard to make myself a priority with all the other things I do each day. Healthy food takes more time to make and I’m already

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Take a “digestion vacation”

Even if you eat the Beyond Diet way, focusing mostly on nutritious, fat-burning foods, chances are pretty good that your digestive system is working hard around the clock to turn all of that delicious food into life-giving fuel. And if you eat the SAD (that’s “Standard American Diet”) way, then your digestive system is working way, way harder. Even a small amount of wheat, soy or sugar can cause inflammation in your intestines that makes your whole system overwork. Foods like red meat, beans and dairy are just naturally difficult to digest, putting extra stress on your digestion. Add to that the undue pressure we put on our bodies by

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Here’s EXACTLY what to cook this week

Getting dinner on the table is sometimes not as easy as I would like it to be. As much as I am super organized and plan my dinner recipes in advance, I have learned that many times something will come up to derail me from getting a home cooked meal on the table. That is why I have learned NOT to depend on the afternoon for my meal prep time. Let me explain… Before I had kids, I would work diligently through the day and try and be complete with my work tasks and meetings by 5:30 pm. I know for some people that may not be possible, but for

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